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Time Zone Agnostic is a travel blog for the rest of us.

I’m a relative beginner to the world of the super-traveller. When I started trying to hack my way around adventure travel, I found a ton of information, but very little of it written in a way that was helpful to beginners and/or every day people.

Unfortunately, like many competitive blogging sectors, the travel blogosphere is populated chiefly by experts who would rather show off the depth of their knowledge with long and unwieldy posts about arcane rewards programs or hard-to-earn elite status levels. The space is crying out for beginner-level tips.

So, who is TZA for?

Do you work a normal 9-to-5 that doesn’t send you on business trips every other week? Are you used to flying once or twice a year, but dream of increasing your time spent in the air? Are you a college student or a recent grad who wants to start traveling, but feel confounded by the paradox that you most liberated years (your 20’s and 30’s) are also your most financially constrained (unpaid internships FTL)?

I feel you, bruh.

Where does the regular guy start? What do you do if you don’t already have an awards miles account with 10 million points accrued? How does the average joe start hacking the world of travel to maximize free flights and make flying more enjoyable? Is it even possible without a job that sends you across the country twenty times a year?

I give you: Time Zone Agnostic.

On this blog, I want to show you:

  • how to earn free flights by redeeming reward points
  • how to find the cheapest flights to incredible destinations
  • what gear and gadgets can really enhance your journeys, and which should be left at home
  • how to make the most of time in the airport
  • what credit cards can score you big travel rewards for minimum spend

What makes Time Zone Agnostic worth your time?

Because I recognize the need to distinguish oneself in an otherwise crowded and cluttered online space, I make you two fundamental promises:

  1. I will only provide actionable information; concrete, non-abstract tools, tips and advice you can turn around and start using tomorrow; and
  2. I will keep all of the information I provide understandable, accessible, and situated within enough context to make it worth your time to read.

I hope you’ll learn along with me as I discover new tips and tricks, and I hope you’ll help me out by advising me when you discover something cool. I’m always available at [email protected]. I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter so we can trade tips in real-time. Most of all, be it for business, pleasure, or just to grab some miles, I hope you take to the skies with a sense of wonder and awe.

Where should you start?

I think the best place to start is with my step-by-step guide on how to earn elite status with your airline of choice. Elite status is one of the hallmarks of the expert flyer, and it’s the entry way to a lot of the perks that transform air travel from burden to blessing.

2 thoughts on “Time Zone Agnostic: Start Here

  1. I have just recently found your blog, and i really love th whole premise behind you posts. I have wanted to start a travel blog for almost a year, which doesnt seem like a lot, but i’m only 16 and thought I had no posibility of mkng it happen. This blog has rekindled my love for travel and made me finally think that becoming a world traveler is a possibility. If you have an other tips to help me get started or any advise at all I would be so grateful.
    Thank you, Zachary Parker

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